Project Contribution

PKLI & RC aims to set a benchmark in the healthcare sector of Pakistan by making the following contributions:

  • The PKLI - Hepatitis Prevention and Treatment Clinic has the capacity to accomodate 300 hepatitis patients daily. It offers free of cost screening and vaccination and partial or fully subsidised treatment to the patients of Viral Hepatitis.
  • The 24 sentinel sites for hepatitis screening, vaccination and treatment all across Punjab will cater to patients, especially in rural areas with high incidence of Hepatitis. 
  • As billions of rupees are being currently spent by the Government of Pakistan to send kidney and liver patients abroad for treatment that is not available in the country, the project aims to eliminate this huge financial burden by providing state of the art indigenous treatment to all the patients, irrespective of their social status.
  • To reduce the current burden of kidney and liver diseases in Pakistan through awareness and prevention programs
  • Apart from providing employment for some 5000 Pakistanis, the project’s construction will become source of employment for thousands of labor in the country. Moreover, PKLI bazar to be constructed in the hospital vicinity will raise the commercial activity and subsequently the prospects of business activities and employment. 
  • As the hospital complex also includes a university to build future indigenous human resource, the hospital will provide world-class education and research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  This will produce more specialists in the field bringing excellence in the quality of health care. This will also result in the production of high value exportable human resource in the field of medicine and new standards in nursing education that can be shared with the rest of the country.
  • This will be the Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge or Johns Hopkins of tomorrow Insha’Allah and will set the trends and benchmarks of better health care delivery both in public and private set up.
  • The project will set a new benchmark in the healthcare sector of Pakistan as the project is following the Joint Commission International (JCI) Standards.