Affiliated Organizations

The following two organizations are working in collaboration with PKLI&RC for the betterment of humanity

Pakistan Kidney Institute (PKI)

PKI is a non-profit charity organization that provides state-of-the-art treatments in Urology, Nephrology & Kidney Transplants to the financially underprivileged patients in Pakistan.

Established in the April of 2004, the PKI is the brainchild of Prof. Saeed Akhter and his fellow physicians and surgeons trained in USA and the UK. Driven by a sense of moral and social obligation, this group of highly competent doctors chose to return to their homeland and set up a kidney treatment facility that now provides free medical services to the poverty-stricken populace.

Save Our Lives (SOULS)

SOULS play a significant role in raising donations from our International donors both for PKI and PKLI&RC. This trusted forum has, over the years, made it possible for many of our donors in USA, UK, Canada and Australia to contribute for the well-being of many deserving patients in Pakistan.