Chairman Gastroenterology/Hepatology

Consultant Gastroenterologist / Hepatologist and Advance Interventional Endoscopist

General Psychiatry, Medical ethics & Medical Education

Dr Khan is a Fellow in Psychiatry from CPSP and a post-graduate alumnus of Aga Khan University, Karachi (AKUH). He is also an alumnus of the Center of Biomedical Ethics & Culture / SIUT Karachi, the only institute in Pakistan for training in Biomedical Ethics. He has completed a Professional Diploma in Healthcare and Hospital Management and currently pursuing a Master in Medical Education.

He has worked as a Consultant in AKUH, Assistant Professor at Majmaah University Saudi Arabia, and for a brief period in Northampton, England as an MTI fellow. He has the experience of working as a Coordinator Clerkship Psychiatry and Module Coordinator in AKUH and Majmaah University, respectively.

He was awarded the Best resident award in 2011 from Aga Khan University.

His publications are:

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General Psychiatry

  • Masters in Medical Education (Scholar 2020-present)
  • Professional Diploma Healthcare and Hospital Management — 2017
  • Post-Graduate Diploma — Biomedical Ethics 2012
  • FCPS (Psychiatry) — 2012
  • MBBS — 2004